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Lake Ice (24″x48″)


Acrylic paint on canvas

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This was the one that kicked off my Reflections series. It was more about the cracked ice on the surface of a lake that we were snowshoeing past rather than water reflections, but it inspired 5 years of paintings. This painting was part of a large series and is sadly the only one left. I haven’t really shown it as sometimes it can be really hard to let go of breakthrough pieces, but there isn’t room for all of them so maybe it’s time.


Older paintings are available at my studio at their last exhibition price. I don’t believe in dropping the price of my work, instead I offer these older works at this older retro price. If I were to exhibit them again it would be at current prices.

The value of my work has increased since this guy had his last outing, while he’s still hiding out at my studio it’s quite the saving.



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